About Us

About Us

IP Light is a leading edge supplier of advanced OTN processors targeting C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Networks) MFH (Mobile Fronthaul) requirements, which are the cornerstone of LTE-A (Long Term Evolution Advanced), fifth generation Cellular services. IP Light is pioneering worldwide first technologies, enabling MFH optical networks to become a reality. Based on its patented core technology, IP Light offers Apodis, a family of OTN Processors targeting LTE-A Mobile Fronthaul networks and access applications.


IP Light’s fully integrated Apodis OTN processors is the first ASIC product family to meet CPRI-over-OTN specifications as required for the implementation of mobile fronthaul (MFH) networks over both Passive (PON) and active optical infrastructures. Apodis processors support both CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) and Ethernet signals, and enable their optimal transport over fiber-optic access infrastructures, therefore enabling the the connectivity between RRH (Remote Radio Heads) and centralized BBUs (BaseBand Unit Controllers. IP Light's pioneering technology is a key element in the deployment of C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Networks), which is of the essence towards enabling the offering of fifth-generation cellular services. Apodis processors redefine the technology limits of OTN processors, offering the highest capacity and broadest services range of any ASIC based solution. Supporting ODU0/1/2/flex bearers, IP Light delivers breakthrough functionality, including unrestricted, flexible support of client signals, as well as unprecedented levels of integration. Drawing on its unique mixed-signal technology, Apodis processors support the unique synchronization, jitter and delay requirements of MFH networks. IP Light simplifies the design of MFH systems, enables high-density blades supporting dozens of CPRI signals, and addresses C-RAN architectures in the most cost effective way, while offering the lowest power per CPRI signal in the industry and introducing a range of devices matching antenna tower capacities ranging from 10G to 80G.


IP Light's worldwide first patented technology is revolutionizing the existing paradigms and economics of MFH and access/edge systems by introducing cutting edge VLSI products.


IP Light is headquartered in Petah-Tikva, Israel, and offers its products on a global basis. You may contact IP Light at the info section of this site at info@iplight.com, or, call directly at +972-3-721-7810