Management team

Management team

Management team

Ruben Markus, Co-founder and CEO

A hardware and systems engineer by training, Ruben Markus has nearly two decades of managerial, business and marketing expertise in the fields of optical and datacom networking.

Prior to co-founding IP Light, Ruben served as the CEO of TTI Telecom, a publicly traded software company specializing in Operations Support Systems (OSS) and prior to that as executive vice president of global sales & marketing for ECI Telecom, a telecom equipment provider with annual revenues of $700 million.

In his multi-year role as the CEO of Enavis Networks, a SONET/SDH systems vendor, he grew the company from zero to over $1 billion in cumulative sales.

He holds various patents in Telecommunications and Switching Systems and he earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MBA in business administration from the Recanati School of Management of Tel-Aviv University.

Management team

Israel Vitelson, Co-founder and CTO

Israel has over 20 years of technology leadership experience in optical networking and datacom applications and holds four patents in the field of telecommunications.

His expertise lays in managing complex hardware and ASIC intensive programs and the associated systems processes.

Before joining IP Light as a member of the founding team, Israel was vice president of New Technologies at ECI Telecom. Israel also served as the VP R&D, then COO and eventually CEO of Enavis Networks. He holds a BS cum laude in Electrical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and a Product Management Specializa

Management team

Yossi Moshe, Co-founder and VP R&D

Yossi has spent over 20 years in key technical and managerial positions in industry-leading companies, and holds 6 patents in the field of Telecommunications, which together give him an extensive and thorough understanding of networking and communication technologies an expertise in system and component architecture. Before co-founding IP Light, Yossi was VP R&D, Operations and QA for Lynx Photonics, a privately held company that specialized in optical and photonic switching technologies.

Prior to that, Yossi served as VP R&D for Enavis Networks, where he managed a 120-member R&D team that developed optical interfaces, wide-band, narrow-band and broadband cross-connect systems as well as the ASICs that constituted Enavis’ primary competitive edge. Yossi holds a BS in Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Management team

Leon Bruckman, Vice President, Systems Engineering

Leon has 25 years of high-level technical experience in optical telecommunications and datacom and holds over 20 telecommunications patents. Prior to joining IP Light, Leon was the Chief Technology Officer at Corrigent Systems, a datacom and optical networking vendor. In this capacity, Leon managed Corrigent’s systems group, and was responsible for the interaction with international standardization bodies (ITU-T, IETF, IEEE, T11) and also served as the Technical Editor for the 802.17 IEEE work-group.

 Prior to that, Leon was the VP R&D for Hynex Networks, a privately held company specializing in ATM networking gear. Leon also worked for Tadiran Telecom where he held various R&D positions. Leon holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering cum laude from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA cum laude from the School of Management at Bar-Ilan University.

Management team

Michael Halperin, VP, Sales & Marketing

Michael has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. Before joining IP Light, Michael was the VP Global Sales of TTI a publicly traded software company specializing in Operations Support Systems (OSS).

Prior to that, Michael was the VP Corporate Sales of ECI Telecom, a telecom equipment provider with annual revenues of $700 million and VP Sales and Marketing of Enavis Networks.

Electronic engineer by training, Michael also led R&D designs teams and was the Chief Engineer of the design of a nation-wide telecom networks. 

Michael holds a BSc degree in Electronic Engineering and was a member of the teams that were awarded the Israel Kaplan prize and the Israel Defense prize.

Management team

Michal Zoller

Michal brings with her a lot of experience in the financial arena. She was previously the Controller for Cadence Israel and a senior Auditing Accountant with Ernest & Young Israel.
Michal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, an MBA in Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant.