About IP Light

About IP Light

IP Light develops advanced Optical Transport Network (OTN) processors (either as ASSP, Application Specific Standard Products, or as FPGA IP cores) that enable carriers to take the leap into super broadband mobile services, deploying C-RAN based mobile networks or enhancing the capabilities of OTN optical networks quickly and cost effectively.

With the growing need to accommodate bandwidth-hungry applications for wireless devices, IP Light’s ITU-T endorsed OTN technology provides a unique solution for low-cost mobile fronthaul, transporting CPRI and Ethernet over OTN for C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Networks) applications.

IP Light’s Apodis and Orion OTN processors enable a paradigm shift as a result of their breakthrough cost, enabling carriers to roll out advanced mobile and wireline services such as high definition video and 3D gaming on existing or new fiber infrastructures.

Founded and managed by a team of visionary system experts with extensive field experience, IP Light has consistently worked closely with leading carriers to ensure that its products are designed to meet the needs of the most advanced deployments. As a result, IP Light delivers breakthrough functionality, redefining the technology limits of OTN processors, offering the highest capacity and broadest services range of any ASIC or FPGA based solution.