Orion – MFH IP Cores

Orion – MFH IP Cores

Orion Mobile Fronthaul (MFH) Product Family of IP Cores.

Driven by the need of mobile operators worldwide to provide a cost effective solution for the mass deployment of Cloud-Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) infrastructures for next generation LTE-A and 5G networks, 
IP Light is developing the Orion family of CPRI-over-OTN Mobile Fronthaul (MFH) optimized IP cores.

Next generation LTE-A/5G mobile networks will need to deliver a much larger amount of traffic than current cellular technology, in particular high-quality video services and Internet of Things (IoT). 
In order to support this anticipated major traffic growth, cellular networks will require more than 10X the number of Remote Radio Heads (RRHs), as compared with current number of radio antennae. 
C-RAN offers a cost-effective way of how to deploy this mass of RRHs while dramatically reducing the associated CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.

Orion – MFH IP Cores

Figure 1: C-RAN Concept. 
A specialized optical infrastructure, the MFH, transports CPRI signals from RRH (Remote Radio Head) antennae to centrally located Base Band Unit (BBU) controllers.

Current technological alternatives for the implementation of the MFH (optical solutions, traditional G.709 OTN technology, Carrier Ethernet) all exhibit major deficiencies for this application.

In contrast, G Series Supplement 56, Section 8, recently adopted by the ITU-T and based on IP Light's contributions, incorporates a novel method for mapping and multiplexing CPRI signals and transporting them by newly defined OTN bearers, while meeting the stringent requirements of CPRI signals (jitter, latency, delay accuracy).

Orion – MFH IP Cores
Figure 2: Main MFH Requirements. 
Transport of CPRI signals over the MFH

G Suppl. 56 Sec. 8 enables operators deploying LTE-A and 5G networks to realize a major reduction in the size of the associated MFH optical infrastructure by a factor of up to 6X.

IP Light is developing its Orion product family of MFH optimized IP cores that implement the recent ITU-T recommendation.


 CPRI 3,  CPRI 4,  CPRI 5  CPRI 7,  CPRI 8,  CPRI 9 OTU1 OTU2
IPL8001MX Orion – MFH IP Cores 6


Parallel 32
bit Data

IPL8011MX Orion – MFH IP Cores 6 1 PCIe 10G

IPL8021MX Orion – MFH IP Cores 6 2 PCIe



IPL8101TX Orion – MFH IP Cores 1 1 Parallel 32
bit Data



IPL8141TX Orion – MFH IP Cores 4






Figure 3: Orion Product Family


Supporting single and multiple-instantiations per FPGA, IP Light’s Orion IP cores address the varying needs of optical transport system vendors.

Orion – MFH IP Cores  
Figure 4: CPRI-option-3 Transport by OTU2r/ODU2r Bearers

Orion – MFH IP Cores  
Figure 5: CPRI-option-4/5 Transport by OTU2r/ODU2r Bearers

Orion – MFH IP Cores  
Figure 6: CPRI-option-7/8/9 Transport by OTU2r/ODU2r Bearers

Evaluation boards demonstrating IP Light’s technology are available.